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Training of team – technical topics (ToT2)

The technical team from REAP is ready to scale up the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) consulting with enterprises, following the second ToT.

Two rounds of ToT2 were held, one each in Tashkent and Dushanbe in November and December 2021. The first ToT was held from 24th to 28thNovember 2021 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan while the second ToT2 was held in SafedDara near Dushanbe, Tajikistan from 29thNovember to 3rdDecember 2021 with 16 participants in each. The ToT2 was designed to help the Technical Consultants (TCs) of the REAP project to strengthen their knowledge on technical aspects of Resource Efficiency which is a key component within the Sustainable Consumption and Production part of REAP project. The timing of this training was selected such that all the TCs had already been exposed to on-site consulting visits to client or participating enterprises of REAP in their respective countries. This allowed the TCs to be well aware of the kind of technical issues likely to be faced by them while supporting and working with client enterprises. The facilitators on the other hand utilised their knowledge and experience from several years of on-site consulting, across many countries, to deliver practical and relevant technical knowledge to the TCs. The ToT was designed as per the Whole Person Process Facilitation method so as to be participatory and inclusive. There was an optimum mix of theoretical inputs, exercises, case studies, role play as well as an actual site visit on the last day.

During the classroom sessions, topics such as resource efficiency, energy efficiency, water management, waste management and the use of specialised measurement instruments needed for energy and water audits were covered. Not just the facilitators, but the experienced TCs also shared their knowledge and experience based on their own areas of expertise. The training was conducted in English with translation into Russian, if and when needed. During the on-site factory visits, the TCs were able to directly see the application of some of the topics covered in the class while also having the chance to use some of the specialised measurement instruments in the field. All the training material (in English as well as in Russian) is shared with the participants on the cloud based file storage.

The TCs reported significant benefit through the ToTs and also reported greater alignment with the project tasks assigned to them with respect to supporting REAP client enterprises. The TCs submitted detailed feedback for the facilitators to consider for future trainings.

The technical team from REAP is eager to scale up the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) consulting with enterprises from the agri-food processing enterprises from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan!