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MSMEs Cleantech Finance Workshop, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

As part the EU SWITCH Asia Funded project: Resource Efficiency in Agri-food Production and Processing (REAP), we are organising a ‘MSMEs Cleantech Finance Workshop’ on Thursday, 16th June 2022 at Bukhara, Uzbekistan for MSMEs working with REAP project, to train them on Cleantech Finance terminology, ecosystem and access to finance activities. 

The cleantech finance workshop will bring together around 30-40 MSMEs working with REAP project in implementation of Sustainable Consumption & Production (SCP) practices in their industry processes and production. Apart from training MSMEs on cleantech finance, it will also provide a matchmaking platform between financial institutions and MEMEs who require finances to implement high cost SCP practices in their industries. Also, REAP project team will explain the access to finance support from the project.

If you are an enterprise in Agri-food production sector from Bukhara and would be interested in getting benefited by the REAP project activities to implement SCP in your enterprise then please feel free to contact Mr. Turan Makhamatdinov We will be happy to also invite you for the upcoming MSME Cleantech Finance Workshop.

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