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REAP: MSME Cleantech Finance Workshop

On 7 July 2023, the Resource Efficiency in Agricultural Production and Processing (REAP) project team held a workshop on cleantech financing for micro, small and medium enterprises in Fergana, Uzbekistan.

The REAP project is funded by the European Union’s SWITCH Asia programme and supports SMEs in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in implementing resource and energy efficiency measures.

The workshop aimed to educate and train companies on the terminology of cleantech finance and access to finance for high-cost clean technologies. It was attended by representatives from about 30 companies in Fergana.

 The local REAP expert, Shukurillo Usmonov, Head of the Energy Department of the Fergana Polytechnic Institute, spoke about REAP activities, emphasising that the project provides technical advice to companies on the implementation of resource and energy efficiency measures.

  In turn, local REAP expert from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan (CCIU) Bunyod Igamberdiev spoke about the methodology of technical consultations for industries and gave examples of cost savings.

Munnolimath Amar, Senior Manager of adelphi Research gGmbH (Germany) and the main expert of the event, trained participants on the terminology of clean technology financing, explained the clean technology financing ecosystem in Uzbekistan, presented examples of options for investing in high-cost clean technologies, and spoke about the support that companies can receive in the process of obtaining REAP financing. Representatives of two financial institutions, Bank Ipoteka and Agrobank, presented green finance schemes they offer to companies.

In the coming months, local and international REAP experts will work with companies to identify high-cost resource saving measures and link them with the relevant financial institutions. The participants enjoyed the workshop, noting that it broadened their knowledge of green finance, and thanked the project team for their continued support in advising and implementing resource and energy efficiency measures in their companies.

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