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REAP Project Partners Meeting

Finally it happened: The first in-person meeting with all partners present since the start of REAP took place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan from 11 to 15 March 2022!

Half-way through a project without a single in-person meeting of all partners is a new experience for all of us and the team was very much looking forward to the meeting.

14 participants of all 7 partner organizations worked 4 days on

  • harvesting results of project work so far
  • clarifying open questions, working on prevailing topics
  • mapping out 74 mile-stones til project end
  • working out more than 30 thorough actions for the next 6 months
  • exchanged ideas on how to simplify processes, expand networks, scaling up outputs and much more

Although COVID-19 challenged REAP in may ways, delayed actions and made work more difficult, one major insight is that the project is still on target and the projected results can be reached!

The meeting was well prepared, Whole Person Process Facilitation used as meeting methodology, the meeting room was well chosen – this made the meeting an inclusive and active event, where every minute was well spent and productive.

In the final wrapping up session the team looked back on the results of their work in the meeting. During this part the representative of EUD joined and could gain a solid impression of the status and upcoming period for REAP-Project.

The team is looking forward to two more in-person partner meetings which will happen alternating with virtual partner meetings.

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