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TAJIKISTAN: Cleantech Finance one-to-one consultation workshop with Financial Institutions

On July 11, 2023, REAP partners adelphi Research gGmbH (Germany) and the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Tajikistan (NASMBRT) organized a pivotal one-on-one consultation workshop with two prominent national banks of Tajikistan – Amonatbonk and Finka Bank.

Mr. Amarnath Munnolimath, Senior Manager of adelphi Research gGmbH (Germany), organized this important workshop to strengthen the banks’ capacity in cleantech finance and enhance their ability to develop prototype Cleantech finance products.

During the session, representatives from Amonatbonk and Finca Bank showed keen interest and actively participated in mapping the various actors in cleantech finance in Tajikistan. Participants explored potential opportunities for collaboration with these stakeholders and discussed strategies to enhance the effectiveness of joint efforts. In the spirit of fostering innovation, both banks designed exemplary Cleantech Finance products tailored to meet the unique needs of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) operating in the clean energy and clean water sectors. The prototypes of these products are designed to bridge the gap between financial support and sustainable development initiatives in Tajikistan.

The workshop received positive feedback from the bank representatives, who particularly appreciated the hands-on toolkit and facilitation methodology that included group work and peer presentations. The interactive approach not only enhanced knowledge exchange but also encouraged networking and partnership opportunities among the participants. One of the workshop’s highlights was the agreement reached by both Amonatbonk and Finca Bank to collaborate on a joint proposal for securing international credit lines in the near future. This joint initiative is focused on expanding cleantech finance initiatives and further supporting MSMEs in their pursuit of sustainable solutions.

Encouraged by the positive outcomes and the enthusiasm displayed by the participants, many of whom expressed a strong desire for further engagement, the attendees requested an additional consultation workshop on cleantech finance from the REAP project. The successful one-to-one consultation workshop marks a significant step towards promoting sustainable finance and clean energy investments in Tajikistan. By equipping the financial institutions with essential tools and expertise, this initiative is poised to bring about positive change in the country’s clean energy and water sectors and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future for Tajikistan.

This workshop was a continuation of the previous successful workshop held on December 7, 2022, which was attended by about 13 financial institutions of Tajikistan.

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