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TAJIKISTAN: Cleantech Finance Workshop for MSMEs in Pamir region (Khorog)

Khorog – Tajikistan – A workshop on Cleantech Financing for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) was held on July 14, 2023. The event was jointly organized by adelphi Research gGmbH (Germany) and the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Tajikistan (NASMBRT) under the REAP project funded by the EU SWITCH Asia program. The workshop provided MSMEs in the Pamir region with the necessary knowledge on Cleantech Finance, which expanded their opportunities. The workshop was attended by more than 35 MSME representatives (of which almost 50% were women) working under the REAP project.

The workshop provided MSME representatives with an introduction to Cleantech Finance, including terminologies, crucial considerations, and application processes for grants or loans related to clean and green technologies. Workshop participants were eager to learn about the financing opportunities available for sustainability projects and how to navigate the challenges faced in accessing these funds. During the workshop, participants spoke candidly about their main challenges they face in obtaining funding for their projects. These challenges include non-transparent selection methodologies employed by financial institutions, high interest rates, lack of awareness of existing financial schemes to support clean technologies, and the often-complicated process of applying for grants.

To address these concerns, the workshop featured presentations from key organizations supporting MSMEs in Tajikistan. Microcredit Madina Tajikistan and the Tajikistan Entrepreneurship Center provided valuable insights into the financial schemes and services available to MSMEs, free of cost. Additionally, USAID presented information about their latest grants for Agri-food production and processing enterprises. Attendees were informed about the application process and the additional support they could receive from the USAID project.

The workshop’s impact on the participants was evident through their positive feedback. Many expressed satisfactions with the event, stating that it provided them with invaluable knowledge about various grant and loan finance schemes specifically tailored for MSMEs. Additionally, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the application process and its critical aspects. Furthermore, participants shared how the REAP project’s local consultants had been instrumental in facilitating access to finance for the installation of cleantech machinery. This hands-on support highlighted the commitment of the organizers and underscored the importance of such workshops in fostering sustainable development and environmental stewardship. The Cleantech Finance Workshop marked a significant step forward in empowering Tajik MSMEs to embrace cleaner and greener technologies while overcoming financial barriers. By promoting awareness of available funding options and simplifying the application process, the workshop has laid the groundwork for a more sustainable and prosperous future for the Pamir region.

In conclusion, the success of the Cleantech Finance Workshop in Khorog, Tajikistan, underscores the importance of knowledge-sharing and collaboration among stakeholders to drive sustainable development. The lessons learned from this workshop will undoubtedly serve as a stepping stone for continued growth and transformation in Tajikistan’s cleantech landscape.

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